Find Your Tibetan Five Elements Practices Teacher or Educator

In addition to Lu Jong, several other precious methods rooted in the Tantrayana, Bön and Mahamudra traditions are offered in the direct lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. The Tibetan Five Elements Practices wisely combine a set of five highly treasurable practice methods into one efficient practice set that may swiftly turn into an enjoyable daily routine.

The select variety of Tibetan breath, body and mind practices are all rooted in the Five Elements and offer you a simple, easily accessible and applicable practice set that can effortlessly be adapted to your needs and circumstances. With no previous experience or knowledge being required, practices such as breathing techniques, Lu Jong – Tibetan Healing Yoga movements and a mindfulness-based meditation will enrich your life.

If you are interested in learning more about this beneficial practice set, have a look at our list of certified Tibetan Five Elements Practices Teachers below. These teachers, who are certified by Nangten Menlang International to spread those valuable practices among interested students, stand in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and have successfully completed all steps of the Teacher Certification Program.

Below you can also find information on our Tibetan Five Elements Practices Educators, who are Teachers too, but underwent a special additional training with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and have Tulku-la’s express permission and blessing to instruct and train new Tibetan Five Elements Practices Teachers.

Search for the Teacher or Educator of your choice and find out more about the courses they offer.

Table of Certified Teachers & Educators

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First Name Last Name Certifications City (not to publish) City Country (not to publish) Country email / website (not to publish) Email / Website
Natalia Elizabeth Beron Teacher Belén de Escobar (Buenos Aires) Belén de Escobar
(Buenos Aires)
Argentina Argentina 
Helga Deisenberger Teacher Roppen Roppen Austria Austria
Eva Furrer Teacher & Educator Vienna Vienna Austria Austria |
Sabine Huter Teacher Kirchbichl | Wörg | Bad Häring Kirchbichl
Bad Häring
Austria Austria
Karin Kobolt Teacher Graz Graz Austria Austria |
Peter Lukes Teacher Vienna & Hadres Vienna
Austria Austria |
Marcela Malek Teacher Vienna Vienna Austria Austria
DDr. Heidi Maria Ploner-Grißmann, PhD Teacher Dölsach Dölsach Austria Austria |
Dr. Thomas Scheck Teacher Vienna Vienna Austria Austria 
Sarah Wantoch Teacher Vienna Vienna Austria Austria |
Robert Wortha Teacher & Educator Vienna Vienna Austria Austria | |
Katrien Berckmoes Teacher Wijnegem Wijnegem Belgium Belgium |
Kim Corens Teacher La Louvière La Louvière Belgium Belgium |
Lena D'hoir Teacher & Educator Dilbeek Dilbeek Belgium Belgium |
Anja De Jonghe Teacher Ingelmunster Ingelmunster Belgium Belgium
Erwin De Smedt Teacher Tessenderlo Tessenderlo Belgium Belgium |
Maaike Decock Teacher & Educator Kluisbergen Kluisbergen Belgium Belgium |
Isabelle Lecomte Teacher Brussels Brussels Belgium Belgium
Miryam Verhaegen  Teacher Lubbeek Lubbeek Belgium Belgium
Marianne Verweij Teacher Sint-Katelijne-Waver Sint-Katelijne-Waver Belgium Belgium
Daniela Bruce Gomes Teacher Belo Horizonte & Piracanga (Maraú) Belo Horizonte
Brazil Brazil
Mara Cezar Teacher Rio Grande Rio Grande Brazil Brazil
Wilmar Figueiredo Bastos Teacher Campinas Campinas Brazil Brazil @lujong_wilmarbastos (instagram) @lujong_wilmarbastos (instagram)
César Laurenti Teacher São Paulo  São Paulo  Brazil Brazil |
Janaína Ribeiro Araújo Teacher & Educator Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Brazil Brazil |
Noemi Shigetomi Teacher Mogi das Cruzes Mogi das Cruzes Brazil Brazil
Andréa Luísa Teixeira Teacher Goiânia Goiânia Brazil Brazil
Amber Watson Teacher Beaver Falls Beaver Falls Canada Canada
Pahoma Teacher Santiago Santiago Chile Chile
Danijela Colić Teacher Split Split Croatia Croatia
Sylvia Nunes Teacher Split Split Croatia Croatia |
Eva Romero Barbosa Teacher Prague Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic
Iveta Szkanderova Teacher Prague Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic |
Lenka Trnena Teacher Prague Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic
Jana Zichova Teacher Prague Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic
María Fernanda Amores Teacher Quito Quito Ecuador Ecuador
Sophie Lemaire Teacher Sens Sens France France |
Jean Luc Millot Teacher Peyrins Peyrins France France
Christa Muller-Rappard Teacher Paris Paris France France
Valérie Lobsang-Gattini Teacher & Educator Chamonix Mont Blanc Chamonix Mont Blanc France | International | Online France
Urgen Tenzin Teacher Chamonix Mont Blanc Chamonix Mont Blanc France | International | Online France
Theresia Johanna Akcivan Teacher Weimar Weimar Germany Germany
Judith Becker Teacher & Educator Munich Munich Germany Germany |
Sabrina Eckert Teacher Hochdorf Hochdorf Germany Germany
Ulrike Faber Teacher & Educator Kempten Kempten Germany Germany |
Gabriele Galda Teacher Issing (Bavaria) Issing
Germany Germany |
Annette Angelika Hagel-Ruscher Teacher Hamburg Hamburg Germany Germany
Anna Hans Teacher Marpingen Marpingen Germany Germany |
Ulrike Hein Teacher Seeheim-Jugenheim Seeheim-Jugenheim Germany Germany
Mechthild Heinrig Teacher Beckingen-Haustadt Beckingen-Haustadt Germany Germany
Elke Höllman Teacher & Educator Plochingen Plochingen Germany Germany |
Eva Kantenwein Teacher Ilshofen Ilshofen Germany Germany
Antje Klaffke Teacher Bad Camberg Bad Camberg Germany Germany |
Marion Köbel Teacher & Educator Baden-Baden Baden-Baden Germany Germany |
Sabine Kowalski Teacher Riedering / Pietzing Riedering
Germany Germany |
Ina Kunath Teacher Großharthau Großharthau Germany Germany
Caroline Kutscha Teacher Hamburg Hamburg Germany Germany |
Kreszentia Langen Teacher Bad Kissingen Bad Kissingen Germany Germany
Elke Neuschl Teacher Köngen Köngen Germany Germany
Brigitte Proissl Teacher Aalen Aalen Germany Germany
Barbara Prommnitz Teacher Niedernhausen Niedernhausen Germany Germany 
Petra Purucker Teacher Tröstau Tröstau Germany Germany
Gaby Reimann Teacher & Educator Hamburg Hamburg Germany Germany |
Christine Romer Teacher Neustrelitz Neustrelitz Germany Germany |
Karin Savignano Teacher Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg Germany Germany |
Ute Schaber Teacher & Educator Plochingen Plochingen Germany Germany |
Sabine Schneble Teacher Bodman-Ludwigshafen  Bodman-Ludwigshafen  Germany Germany
Monika Schneider Teacher Hamburg Hamburg Germany Germany schneidermoka(at)posteo(dot)de
Melanie Schönau Teacher & Educator Peißenberg Peißenberg Germany Germany
Marianna Schulze Teacher Pfullingen Pfullingen Germany Germany
Christina Schütze Teacher Nürnberg Nürnberg Germany Germany
Christel Schwarzschulz Teacher & Educator Neustrelitz Neustrelitz Germany Germany
Bettina Stümpflen Teacher Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany Germany
Andrea Tüttelmann Teacher Hausen Hausen Germany Germany |
Myrto Vandersee Teacher Freiburg Freiburg Germany Germany
Katja Vollmer Teacher Plochingen Plochingen Germany Germany |
Andrea von Terzi Teacher Esslingen Esslingen Germany Germany
Monika Wessel Teacher Himmelpforten Himmelpforten Germany Germany
Birthe Winzen-Mohrmann Teacher Wardenburg Wardenburg Germany Germany |
Bettina Wurm Teacher Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany Germany
Evelyn Zell Teacher Püttlingen Püttlingen Germany Germany
Bärbel Ziwich Teacher Tübingen Tübingen Germany Germany
Ursula Zurborg Teacher Goldenstedt Goldenstedt Germany Germany
Ursula Elisabeth Burkart Teacher Rosmuc Rosmuc Ireland Ireland |
Rosaria De Rosa Teacher Sorrento Sorrento Italy Italy
Silvia Tomasi Teacher Trento Trento Italy Italy
Diego Zani Teacher Cigole Cigole Italy Italy
Bárbara Mónica Trejo Reyna  Teacher Monterrey Monterrey Mexico Mexico maitea yoga spa (facebook) maitea yoga spa (facebook)
Dina Blouw Teacher Ulft Ulft Netherlands Netherlands
Mariette de Kroon Teacher & Educator Den Haag & Amsterdam Den Haag
Netherlands Netherlands |
Jacqueline Graanstra Teacher Rijsenhout (Noord Holland) Rijsenhout
(Noord Holland)
Netherlands Netherlands |
Jeannette Heyde Teacher Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands Netherlands
Manuela Langen Teacher Kerkrade Kerkrade Netherlands Netherlands |
Anja van der Burgh Teacher Eindhoven Eindhoven Netherlands Netherlands |
Guido Wüner Wewengkang Teacher & Educator Breda Breda Netherlands Netherlands |
Tone Bremnes Vandemir Teacher Bergen Bergen Norway Norway |
Heidi Vestrheim Teacher & Educator Bergen Bergen Norway Norway
Vânia Dias Ribeiro de Sousa Teacher Gaia Gaia Portugal Portugal | Vãnia Sousa Lu Jong (facebook)
Vãnia Sousa Lu Jong (facebook)
Ana Fernandes Teacher Barcelos Barcelos Portugal Portugal
Maria Inês Fernandes de Sousa R. Teacher Almada Almada Portugal Portugal
Cassandra Gouveia Teacher Esposende Esposende Portugal Portugal |
Susana Magalhães Teacher Odemira Odemira Portugal Portugal |
Joana Rainha Teacher & Educator Braga Braga Portugal Portugal |
Patrícia Rio Teacher Esposende Esposende Portugal Portugal
Paula Santana Teacher Lisbon Lisbon Portugal Portugal
Natacha Vaz Teacher Lisbon Lisbon Portugal Portugal
Helena Gameiro Teacher & Educator Lisbon & Tarragona Lisbon
Portugal & Spain Portugal
Ánxela Abelenda Pose Teacher A Coruña A Coruña Spain Spain |
Olga Alvarez Baixeras Teacher Girona Girona Spain Spain
Alícia Beltrán Teacher & Educator Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain |
Rocío Carrasco G. Alegre Teacher Vigo Vigo Spain Spain
Rosa Castrillón López Teacher Ponferrada (León) Ponferrada
Spain Spain |
Eva Cuchillo García  Teacher Madrid Madrid Spain Spain
Sylvia Del Caso Centeno Teacher San Sebastián San Sebastián Spain Spain
Omayra del Río Vallés Teacher Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) Las Palmas
(Gran Canaria)
Spain Spain |
Carmen Fernández Del Valle Teacher Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain
María Isabel García Monreal Teacher & Educator Priego de Córdoba Priego de Córdoba Spain Spain |
Nuria Gomar Mirallave Teacher Valencia Valencia Spain Spain |
Marian Hidalgo Pérez Teacher Lleida Lleida Spain Spain |
Maya Humo Teacher Ibiza Ibiza Spain Spain |
María De Gracia Infante Muñoz De Luna Teacher Santa María del Camí (Mallorca) Santa María del Camí
Spain Spain
Loli Lara Teacher Montgat (Barcelona) Montgat
Spain Spain
Imma Lizondo Cuartero Teacher & Educator Arenys de Mar Arenys de Mar Spain Spain |
Sonia López González Teacher Caldes de Montbui & Barcelona Caldes de Montbui
Spain Spain
Lidia Matarredona Rodríguez Teacher Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain
Yuki Michiwaki Teacher & Educator Marbella Marbella Spain Spain
Roser Parera Teacher Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain
Enrique Pérez Arco Teacher Granada Granada Spain Spain
Francisco Javier Pérez Martin Teacher Granada Granada Spain Spain
Ana María Relaño Ruiz Teacher Madrid Madrid Spain Spain
Noelia Rodriguez Teacher Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain
Laia Terol Julian Teacher Igualada (Barcelona) Igualada
Spain Spain
Marta Looz Teacher & Educator Santiago de Compostela | Cancun | Online Santiago de Compostela
Spain | Mexico | Online Spain
Isa García Cabrera Teacher & Educator Online | Barcelona | Tarragona Online
Spain | Online Spain
Online |
Christine Albrecht Teacher & Educator Männedorf & Zürich Männedorf
Switzerland Switzerland | christine@
Regula Angela Amsler Teacher Basel Basel Switzerland Switzerland
Roland Anderegg Teacher Winterthur Winterthur Switzerland Switzerland
Dominique Antenen Teacher Uetikon am See Uetikon am See Switzerland Switzerland
Gianni Aubry Teacher Jonschwil Jonschwil Switzerland Switzerland |
Farah Bersier-Kolly Teacher Vauffelin Vauffelin Switzerland Switzerland |
Sabine Biaggi-Demont Teacher Erlinsbach Erlinsbach Switzerland Switzerland
Shanti Bosshart Teacher Thun & Heimenschwand Thun
Switzerland Switzerland |
Simon Brückmann Teacher Zürich Zürich Switzerland Switzerland
Trudi Bühler Teacher Cham Cham Switzerland Switzerland |
Patricia Comby Teacher Sion & Sierre Sion
Switzerland Switzerland
Federica Dubbini Teacher Bellinzona Bellinzona Switzerland Switzerland |
Aline Feichtinger Teacher Heiden Heiden Switzerland Switzerland |
Janette Fernandes Teacher Othmarsingen Othmarsingen Switzerland Switzerland
Bastien Ferrier Teacher & Educator Macolin Macolin Switzerland Switzerland |
Karin Gaiser Teacher Basel Basel Switzerland Switzerland |
Gelek Teacher & Educator Lausanne Lausanne Switzerland Switzerland |
Manuela Giancola Teacher Wil Wil Switzerland Switzerland |
Toni Gschwend Teacher Luzern Luzern Switzerland Switzerland |
Marjorie Gull Teacher Winterthur Winterthur Switzerland Switzerland |
Zita Hartmann Teacher & Educator Arbon Arbon Switzerland Switzerland |
Giulia Francesca  Hoppe Teacher Mendrisio & Ticino Mendrisio
Switzerland Switzerland |
Beatrix Inauen Teacher Zürich / Grüningen Zürich
Switzerland Switzerland |
Regula Juzi Teacher Winterthur Winterthur Switzerland Switzerland
Lharampa Tenzin Kalden Teacher & Educator Zell Zell Switzerland Switzerland |
Sabin Keller Teacher Naters Naters Switzerland Switzerland
Karin Kuhn Teacher Gais Gais Switzerland Switzerland |
Theresa Kuhn Teacher Baden-Dättwil Baden-Dättwil Switzerland Switzerland 
Catherine Marconato Teacher Neuchâtel Neuchâtel Switzerland Switzerland
Rosanna Nesvadba Teacher Spiez Spiez Switzerland Switzerland
Laura Possamai Hunziker Teacher Ennenda Ennenda Switzerland Switzerland |
Marianna Ricco Teacher Uster Uster Switzerland Switzerland
Stephane Daniel Schlup Teacher Geneva Geneva Switzerland Switzerland
Claudia Schutz Wirz Teacher Lenzburg Lenzburg Switzerland Switzerland |
Madleina Straub-Mattle Teacher Chur Chur Switzerland Switzerland
Michaela Tuzzolino Teacher Seewis Dorf Seewis Dorf Switzerland Switzerland |
Stephanie von Gunten Teacher Walperswil Walperswil Switzerland Switzerland
Karin Waller Teacher & Educator Zürich Zürich Switzerland Switzerland |
Sara Wyss Teacher Zürich Zürich Switzerland Switzerland |
Julie Breukel Michel Teacher & Educator Mergoscia & Le Mas d’Azil Mergoscia
Le Mas d’Azil
Switzerland & France Switzerland
France |
Antonella Kurzen Teacher & Educator Mendrisio Mendrisio Switzerland & Italy Switzerland
Italy |
Deniah Pachai Teacher & Educator London London United Kingdom United Kingdom |
Ramon Pairau La Iglesia Teacher Warrington Warrington United Kingdom United Kingdom |
Cristina Vaz Teacher London London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Lorna Zaitzeff Teacher London London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Maria Caselli Teacher Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ USA USA |
Farrah Garan Teacher & Educator Missoula, MT Missoula, MT USA USA
Zen Hwang Teacher & Educator Lynnwood, WA Lynnwood, WA USA USA |
Joëlle Kelly Teacher & Educator New York & the Hamptons, NY New York
the Hamptons, NY
John Nangle Teacher Denver Denver USA USA john@enlighteningbody | john@enlighteningbody
Tomoko Vibulayacom Teacher New York, NY New York, NY USA USA
Bibi Morelli Schofield Teacher Harare & Roquebrune Cap Martin Harare
Roquebrune Cap Martin
Zimbabwe & France Zimbabwe
Inma Vicente Teacher & Educator Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain |
Ira Sattmann Teacher Graz Graz Austria Austria |
Ana María Umpiérrez Hernández Teacher Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) Spain Spain
Nadia Koll Teacher Würselen Würselen Germany Germany |
Cindy Anthonissen Teacher Bassenge & Maastricht Bassenge
Belgium & Netherlands Belgium
Olivier A. Maillard Teacher Rolle-Nyon Rolle-Nyon Switzerland Switzerland |
Katja Holler Teacher Nürnberg Nürnberg Germany Germany |
Heike Röll Teacher Vörstetten Vörstetten Germany Germany |
Irene Friebe Teacher Wedemark Wedemark Germany Germany
Sergio Martins Teacher São Paulo São Paulo Brazil Brazil |
Uschi Hock Teacher Göppingen Göppingen Germany Germany |
Gabriele Fiedler Teacher Bichl Bichl Germany Germany |
Sabrina Heumann Teacher Dieburg Dieburg Germany Germany |
Laurence Magaud Teacher Saint Genest Malifaux Saint Genest Malifaux France France |
Katrin Neuhofer Teacher Straßwalchen (Salzburg Land) Straßwalchen (Salzburg Land) Austria Austria
Sandra Richard Teacher Versonnex Versonnex France France
Alina Carla Ruiz Ruggi Teacher Elche (Valenciana) Elche (Valenciana) Spain Spain 
Robin Brown-Frossard Teacher Haute-Nendaz Haute-Nendaz Switzerland Switzerland
Anne Elisabet Berg Teacher Bergen Bergen Norway Norway |
Silvia Justo Fernandez Teacher Pontevedra | London Pontevedra
Spain | United Kingdom Spain
United Kingdom |
Frauke Chevalier Teacher Hofheim Hofheim Germany Germany
Cheryl Cunningham Teacher Maidstone (Kent) Maidstone (Kent) United Kingdom United Kingdom |
Sampa van den Berg Teacher Sirnach Sirnach Switzerland Switzerland |
Carolina Edith Albacete Teacher Mendoza Mendoza Argentina Argentina
Scarlett Isabella Baldhoff Teacher Leutkirch Leutkirch Germany Germany
Walburga Köchl Teacher Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria Austria |
Justine Phalempin Teacher Arc-Wattripont (frasnes-lez-anvaing) Arc-Wattripont (frasnes-lez-anvaing) Belgium Belgium
Brigitte Bürkel Teacher Bad Tölz Bad Tölz Germany Germany |
Cornelia Kathriner Teacher Sarnen Sarnen Switzerland Switzerland |
Jacquelince Atciry Cacique Perez Teacher Florence (KY) Florence (KY) USA USA
Dr. Petra Vogler Teacher Kornwestheim Kornwestheim Germany Germany
Martina Trampert Teacher Basel Basel Switzerland Switzerland
Elaine Cerro Teacher Mississauga Mississauga Canada Canada
Gérard Peters Teacher Junglinster Junglinster Luxembourg Luxembourg |
Daniela Schmid Teacher Frauenfeld Frauenfeld Switzerland Switzerland |
Gessica Valota Teacher Endine Gaiano (Bergamo) Endine Gaiano (Bergamo) Italy Italy
Devi Ananda Teacher Zottegem Zottegem Belgium Belgium
Floor van den Bosch Teacher Zwolle Zwolle Netherlands Netherlands
Bea Eggenberger Teacher Volketswil Volketswil Switzerland Switzerland
Aurora Mesa Barrios Teacher Alcalá La Real Alcalá La Real Spain Spain
Thomas Lempert Teacher Zurich Zurich Switzerland Switzerland |
Manuela Wanner Teacher Amriswil  Amriswil  Switzerland Switzerland |
Nazanin Nazemi Teacher Bellevue Bellevue USA USA