Find Your “Shiné – Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation” Teacher or Educator

In addition to Lu Jong, several other precious methods rooted in the Tantrayana, Bön and Mahamudra traditions are offered in the direct lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. One such practice is “Shiné – Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation”, a method which is peaceful and powerful at the same time.

The Shiné practice aims to calm our mind and train it in a way so that it transforms from its usual active and agitated state into a calm and clear one that gradually allows for awareness to arise. As a result, our mind becomes more peaceful and less disturbed by both internal factors like thoughts and emotions, and external factors, like a stressful environment.

Becoming familiar with the Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation will allow those experienced with Lu Jong or Tog Chöd to ideally complement their practice, and anyone living or working under challenging conditions will find it incredibly useful as a daily technique for grounding and decompressing.

If you are interested in learning more about this practice, have a look at our list of certified Shiné Teachers below. These Teachers, who are certified by Nangten Menlang International to spread the Traditional Tibetan Shamatha Meditation among interested students, stand in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and have successfully completed all steps of the Teacher Certification Program.

Below you can also find information on our Shiné Educator, who is also a Teacher, but underwent a special additional training with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and has Tulku-la’s express permission and blessing to instruct and train new Shiné Teachers.

Search for the Teacher or Educator of your choice and find out more about the courses they offer.

Table of Certified Shiné Teachers & Educators

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First Name Last Name Certifications City (not to publish) City Country Email / Website (not to publish) Email / Website
Eva Furrer Teacher Vienna Vienna Austria |
Tom Bruneel Teacher Waregem Waregem Belgium
Maaike Decock Teacher & Educator Kluisbergen Kluisbergen Belgium |
Jan Eeckhout Teacher Gent Gent Belgium
Vicky Goethals Teacher Kuurne Kuurne Belgium |
Karianne Janssen Teacher Brecht & Berchem Brecht
Belgium |
Rogine Leroy Teacher Eeklo Eeklo Belgium |
Heidi Lievens Teacher Evergem Evergem Belgium
César Laurenti Teacher São Paulo São Paulo Brazil |
Elke Höllman Teacher Plochingen Plochingen Germany |
Joris Keesom Teacher Breda Breda Netherlands |
Odile Schneider Teacher Breda Breda Netherlands |
Jozee Schreijer Teacher Lochem Lochem Netherlands |
Eveline Cardoso Teacher Braga Braga Portugal info@ohmymind | info@ohmymind
Isa García Cabrera Teacher Online Online
Spain |
Romaine Bovier Teacher Valais & Vaud Valais
Switzerland |
Bastien Ferrier Teacher Macolin Macolin Switzerland |
Joelle Kelly Teacher New York, NY New York, NY USA |
Tomoko Vibulayacom Teacher New York, NY New York, NY USA |
Justine Phalempin Teacher Arc-Wattripont (Frasnes) Arc-Wattripont (Frasnes) Belgium 
Valérie Lobsang-Gattini Teacher Chamonix Mont Blanc Chamonix Mont Blanc France | 
Katrien Berckmoes Teacher Wijnegem Wijnegem Belgium |
Janaína Ribeiro Araújo Teacher Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Brazil |
Angélique Syroit Teacher Ronse Ronse Belgium |
Thomas Lempert Teacher Zürich Zürich Switzerland |
Dirk Bogun Teacher Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden-Walldorf Germany