Find your Tog Chöd Teacher or Educator

In addition to Lu Jong, Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche teaches several other precious methods rooted in the Tantrayana and Bön traditions. One very dynamic and powerful practice is Tog Chöd, the Practice of the Wisdom Sword.

Rinpoche himself developed Tog Chöd. It is based on the traditional Yaman monk dances and Kalachakra movements, but created in direct response to the needs of the modern world: It is a practice that releases us from our conceptual mind and connects us with our power and the present moment.

Tog Chöd uses physical movements in combination with a wooden sword to work with our emotions. Yielding the sword with wisdom, we can transform our negative emotions and truly change ourselves.

If you are interested in learning more about this powerful practice, have a look at our list of certified Tog Chöd Teachers below. These Teachers, who are certified by Nangten Menlang International to spread Tog Chöd among interested students, stand in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and have successfully completed all steps of the Teacher Certification Program.

Below you can also find information on our Tog Chöd Educators, who are Teachers too, but underwent a special additional training with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and have Tulku-la’s express permission and blessing to instruct and train new Tog Chöd Teachers.

Search for the Teacher or Educator of your choice and find out more about the courses they offer.

Table of Certified Tog Chöd Teachers & Educators

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First Name Last Name Certification City (not to publish) City Country (not to publish) Country Email / Website (not to publish) Email / Website
Robert Wortha Teacher & Educator Vienna & Lower Austria Vienna
Lower Austria
Austria Austria | |
Lena D'hoir Teacher & Educator Dilbeek Dilbeek Belgium Belgium
Gert Daniels Teacher Leuven Leuven Belgium Belgium |
Erwin De Smedt Teacher Tessenderlo Tessenderlo Belgium Belgium |
Maaike Decock Teacher & Educator Kluisbergen Kluisbergen Belgium Belgium |
Kevin Desmetz Teacher Harelbeke Harelbeke Belgium Belgium |
Karianne Janssen Teacher & Educator Brecht & Berchem Brecht
Belgium Belgium |
Rogine Leroy Teacher Eeklo Eeklo Belgium Belgium |
Heidi Lievens Teacher Evergem Evergem Belgium Belgium
Rik Scheldeman Teacher Roeselare & Brugge Roeselare
Belgium Belgium
Peggy Spaan Teacher & Educator Houthalen Houthalen Belgium Belgium |
Katrien Van Genechten Teacher Antwerpen & Limburg Antwerpen
Belgium Belgium
Miryam Verhaegen  Teacher Lubbeek Lubbeek Belgium Belgium
Nina Verhelst Teacher Waregem Waregem Belgium Belgium
Valérie Lobsang-Gattini Teacher & Educator Chamonix Mont-Blanc Chamonix Mont-Blanc France | International | Online France
Online |
Dirk Bogun Teacher Mörfelden-Walldorf Mörfelden-Walldorf Germany Germany 
Elke Höllman Teacher & Educator Plochingen Plochingen Germany Germany |
Katja Hornschuh Teacher Dresden Dresden Germany Germany |
Sylvia Zita Jahn Teacher Gmund (Bavaria) Gmund (Bavaria) Germany Germany |
Hildegard Körner Teacher Erlangen Erlangen Germany Germany |
Caroline Kutscha Teacher Hamburg Hamburg Germany Germany |
Michael Präger Teacher & Educator Monheim Monheim Germany Germany |
Sabine Zeh Teacher Pettstadt Pettstadt Germany Germany |
Silvia Tomasi Teacher & Educator Trento Trento Italy Italy
Maréchal Berlauwt Teacher Leidschendam Leidschendam Netherlands Netherlands
Janet Kunst Teacher & Educator Almere Almere Netherlands Netherlands |
Guido Wüner  Teacher & Educator Breda Breda Netherlands Netherlands |
Eveline Cardoso Teacher Braga Braga Portugal Portugal info@ohmymind | info@ohmymind
Carla Cunha Teacher Barcelos Barcelos Portugal Portugal |
Raquel Oliveira Teacher Braga & Viana do Castelo Braga
Viana do Castelo
Portugal Portugal |
Maria Isabel García Teacher & Educator Priego de Córdoba Priego de Córdoba Spain Spain | |
Maria del Carmen Leal Sánchez Teacher Málaga Málaga Spain Spain | MCarmelaleal ( Instagram)
MCarmelaleal (Instagram)
Imma Lizondo Cuartero Teacher & Educator Arenys de Mar Arenys de Mar Spain Spain |
Sonia López González Teacher Caldes de Montbui & Barcelona Caldes de Montbui
Spain Spain
Leire Ramos López Teacher Bilbao Vizcaya Bilbao (Vizcaya) Spain Spain
Gemma Sagué Pla Teacher Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain
Inma Vicente Teacher & Educator Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain |
Marta Looz Teacher & Educator Santiago de Compostela | Cacún | Online Santiago de Compostela
Spain | Mexico | Online Spain
Online |
Isa García Cabrera Teacher & Educator Online | Barcelona | Tarragona Online
Spain | Online Spain
Online |
Marjolein Meulblok Teacher La Herradura, Granada La Herradura (Granada) Spain | Online Spain
Christine Albrecht Teacher Männedorf (Zürich) Männedorf (Zürich) Switzerland Switzerland |
Romaine Bovier Teacher & Educator Vaud & Valais Vaud
Switzerland Switzerland |
Patricia Comby Teacher Sion & Sierre Sion
Switzerland Switzerland
Bastien Ferrier Teacher & Educator Macolin Macolin Switzerland Switzerland |
Edeltraud Hablützel Teacher Amriswil Amriswil Switzerland Switzerland |
Thomas Lempert Teacher Zürich Zürich Switzerland Switzerland |
Olivier A. Maillard Teacher & Educator Rolle-Nyon Rolle-Nyon Switzerland Switzerland |
Annick Montandon Teacher & Educator Rolle-Nyon Rolle-Nyon Switzerland Switzerland |
Stéphanie Peter Teacher Zürich Zürich Switzerland Switzerland |
Katja Uebersax Teacher Langenthal Langenthal Switzerland Switzerland
Deniah Pachai Teacher London London United Kingdom United Kingdom |
Zen Hwang Teacher Lynnwood, WA Lynnwood, WA USA USA |
Joelle Kelly Teacher & Educator New York, NY New York, NY USA USA |
John Nangle Teacher Denver, CO Denver, CO USA USA |
Janaína Ribeiro Araújo Teacher & Educator Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Brazil Brazil |
Ánxela Abelenda Pose Teacher A Coruña A Coruña Spain Spain |
Mónica Álvarez Martín Teacher Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain Spain
Urgen Tenzin Teacher Chamonix Mont-Blanc Chamonix Mont-Blanc France France
Adriana Alvarado Cervantes Teacher Cuautitlán Izcalli Cuautitlán Izcalli Mexico Mexico |
Joana Rainha Teacher & Educator Braga Braga Portugal Portugal |
Kreszentia Langen Teacher Bad Kissingen Bad Kissingen Germany Germany
Brigitte Reitberger Teacher Bad Tölz Bad Tölz Germany Germany |
Ulrike Faber Teacher Isny & Kempten (Allgäu) Isny & Kempten (Allgäu) Germany Germany |
Laia Terol Julian Teacher Barcelona Barcelona Spain Spain |
Claudia Andrea Saldías Salvo Teacher Santiago Santiago Chile Chile
Sara Luengo Garcia Teacher Ponte Carreira Ponte Carreira Spain Spain
Maria José Viera Teacher Playa del Carmen | Santiago Playa del Carmen
Mexico | Chile | Online Mexico
Paola Galasso Ghigliotto Teacher Santiago Santiago Chile Chile
Eva María Rojas García Teacher Toledo Toledo Spain Spain
Aránzazu Imaz Azcarretazábal Teacher Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela Spain Spain
Augusto Castiñeira Paredes Teacher Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela Spain Spain
Gonzalo Barría Zapata  Teacher Viña del Mar Viña del Mar Chile Chile
Eva de la Torre Conde Teacher Lugo | A Coruña Lugo
A Coruña
Spain Spain