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Lu Jong 1 Teacher
Lu Jong 1 Educator

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My first encounter with Tibetan Buddhism dates back to the age of 10, traveling to Leh, in northern India, a region which was at that time very militarized and accessible to foreigners only since the previous year.
I spend 2 months travelling there as well as Nepal, Vanarasi,... 2 months in contact with Tibetan Buddhism and with Hinduism, and to be honest, i was just attracted by this Buddha, and didn't care about all the Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu,...
This is not a judgement. Just the way it was. 2 years later, 2 more months, this time in South India, in contact with the "Theravada buddhism and again Hinduism. And again, Buddha was my center of attraction, Buddha was the one i was searching and taking in photos. This is something i realized when i looked all the photo album of the photos i took there. HE was the center of my attention.

Child with lots of fire, I had a hard time at school, not accepting the rules and the routine. Rather out of step with others, I did not like this overly populated place that was middle school and then high school which i left very quick to "live the real life as I used to say".

As a young adult, when I am supposed to rise up to become an executive secretary in a company which bore the word "space" in its name, I put everything in order to prefer to do seasonal work in restaurant kitchens, and thus earn a certain freedom of decision and of life.
Then comes a time for travel ... every time I go somewhere, Canada, Australia, India,..., I stay around 4 times longer than the scheduled return ticket date, and therefore work there to earn a living and buy back a return when i am ready to do so...

It is in Australia that the real meeting occurs. My first teacher, a Geshe Lharampa that has recently being recognized as a Rinpoche by the Gyuto monastery, arrived at the same time as I in an isolated town on the north side of this great continent. He started the teaching, so I entered it and studied the Lam Rim. "Instinctively", I turned my life into a retreat without knowing it was a retreat. My life became retreat, filled with 5 hours of daily meditation divided into 5 sessions. In between, all the time left was dedicated to the study of Lam Rim. I was in paradise. I was happy. I felt space. My inner anger had melted into compassion, it was an over "me" in this body. A "me" with so less attachments, with calm, with peace, with happiness. Without understanding it or how or what was happening, I lived different meditative experiences during this special time. Some were scaring me by their intensity, but i just could not stop meditating. It was like a sudden addiction. I loved it so much. It was feeding me and filling me with knowledge.

Back in Europe, I first worked in the Pacific and Asia areas for a magazine, then I created a business related to the import of Tibetan crafts.
I was working at a pace that seemed crazy and yet, no fatigue, the work was practical, the work generated energy.
After 7 years like this, the subprime mortgage crisis came to save me from this wrong path. It was the time to face the reality. I needed to go back into real practice and set a "middle path way" in my business path. So the process of coming back to the right path went by trials. Fall and end of the import activity, loss of my house, not to mention just before that, the loss of a child, but I was confident in life. This was the big transformation that happened and was left from my year of self-retreat in Australia. Life is ever changing and whatever life bring, i can still love it as i can still see what is beautiful in its challenges, even the worst.
I use to say that i was born at the age of 31. Before that, life was a real nightmare. I was regularly depressed, unhappy, i even went into a huge depression after a post traumatic shock (being confronted and witnessing several incidents related to death). After this inner transformation, i went again in hardships, but never i went back down.

So it is only after 10 years that I realized all this.
For all these years I had moved the object of meditation in daily matters. I had put meditation on the side. I was using the huge concentration i had developed through my self-retreat few years before. I was supported by the energy.
Now i had to see if it was working in the worst times, and if i was able to get more knowledge from these worst time.
To be honest, I spent exactly 12 years in a deep hardship, and I am happy to say "yes, the inner energy is what makes you go through hell without loosing your happiness, your optimism, your strengh, your motivation".

The day i realized this mistake and i understood that all these aspect of positive thinking were coming from the transformation i went through during this past self-retreat, as a magic, space finally returns to my life. Yes ! all the practices came back to me, as if by magic. Instantly.

My meeting with Tulku Lobsang was a real revelation. Through the practices and teachings, I can now put words to these experiences lived during this self-retreat in Australia. I can understand how this transformation could have taken place on a subtle level while acting on a gross level. I can understand what these achievements were.

Today, teacher and trainer (educator) in Lu Jong, Tibetan Practices of the Five Elements, and Tog Chöd, I am fortunate to be able to share these treasures with others, seeing the wish that I had expressed when i left from Australia taking place : "helping others to live what i lived".

Et avant tout, je suis toujours étudiant. Je continue à étudier le Tantrayana bouddhiste, je continue d'apprendre de nouvelles pratiques, je continue de creuser en moi-même pour toujours travailler plus sur les poisons qui m'empêchent d'être libre 24/24 7/7. Tant que cette liberté n'est pas réalisée, il ne peut y avoir de repos.

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Ma première rencontre avec le bouddhisme tibétain remonte à l'âge de 10 ans, en voyageant à Leh, dans le nord de l'Inde, une région alors très militarisée et accessible aux étrangers que depuis l'année précédente.

Avec beaucoup de feu, j'ai eu du mal à l'école, à ne pas accepter les règles et la routine. Plutôt décalée vis à vis des autres, je n'aimais pas ce lieu trop peuplé qu'était le collège puis le lycée. Jeune adulte, alors que je suis supposée monter en grande pour devenir secrétaire de direction dans une entreprise qui portait dans son nom le mot "espace", je plaque tout pour préférer faire des ménages et la plonge dans les restaurants, et ainsi gagner une certaine liberté de décision et de vie.
Vient ensuite un temps aux voyages... à chaque fois que je part, je reste environ 4 fois plus longtemps que la date de billet retour prévue, et travaille donc sur place pour gagner ma vie.

C'est en Australie que la vraie rencontre se présente. Mon premier maître, un geshe Lharampa récemment reconnu en tant que Rinpoche par le monastère de Gyuto, arrive en même temps que moi dans une ville isolée de ce grand continent, et j'entre dans l'enseignement du Lam Rim. Instinctivement, j'entre sans le savoir en retraite. Ma vie devient retraite, avec 5 h de méditation quotidienne divisées en 5 sessions. Entre chacune, j'utilise le temps qui reste à l'étude du Lam Rim. Je suis au paradis. Sans comprendre ce qu'il m'arrivait, je vis alors différentes expériences méditatives et une grosse révolution intérieure. De retour en Europe, je crée une entreprise en lien avec l'import d'artisanat tibétain et déplace l'objet de méditation dans cette activité en travaillant à un rythme qui semble fou et pourtant, aucune fatigue, le travail était pratique, le travail générait l'énergie.

Après 7 années ainsi, la crise économique des subprimes me stope. Il était temps. Je suis renvoyée dans le droit chemin par les épreuves. Chute et fin de l'activité d'import, perte de ma maison, sans compter juste avant cela, la perte d'un enfant, mais je colle à la vie. La vie est le cap. Je ne perds pas le cap.
Et le jour où l'espace revient enfin dans ma vie, toutes les pratiques me reviennent, comme par magie.

Je rentre à nouveau dans les pratiques, mais cette fois avec une compréhension profonde, et l'envie de la transmettre pour aider les autres dans leur chemin.
Ma rencontre avec Tulku Lobsang fut une réelle révélation. Au fil des pratiques et des enseignements, je peux désormais mettre des mots sur ces expériences vécues durant cette année en Australie. Je peux comprendre comment cette transformation avait pu s'opérer. Comprendre ce qu'étaient ces réalisations qui parfois m'effrayaient par leur puissance. Comprendre comment j'avais mis, sans m'en rencontre compte, l'énergie de concentration développée au service d'un objet de méditation commercial. Comprendre comment mettre en place "la voie du milieu" au sein de ce potentiel inimaginable qu'une pratique régulière et intense peut procurer.

Aujourd'hui, professeure et formatrice (éducatrice) en Lu Jong, en Pratiques tibétaines des Cinq Eléments, et en Tog Chöd, j'ai le bonheur de pouvoir partager ces richesses avec les autres, voyant se dérouler le voeu que j'avais émis lorsque j'avais quitté cette année d'auto-retraite en Australie.

My diplomas :
Lu Jong 1 Educator
Lu Jong 1 Teacher
Tog Chöd Educator
Tog Chöd Teacher

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Lu Jong Teacher Training including Tibetan Five Elements Practices
Location : Canary Island - 114 hours (98h in real, 16h online)
In French and In English
19th October to 7th November 2021 for the real part.
December 2021/January 2022 for online part.

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Lu Jong Teacher Training including Tibetan Five Elements Practices
Location : Online Live - 116 hours
In French and In English
Exact dates to come. It will be from 26th september 2021 to 7th february 2022.

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Tog Chöd Teacher Training
Location : Canary Islands - 112 hours
In French and In English.
Next dates : 16th November to 7th December 2021


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