Frequently Asked Questions

For Lu Jong Students
Please click on the page “FIND YOUR TEACHER”.
Please click on the page “BECOME A TEACHER”.
No, user account registration on this website is possible for Certified Lu Jong Teachers only.
Since a great variety of different factors contribute to a definitive answer here – as for example, the country you are living in, the type of health insurance you have, etc. – we cannot offer you clear, individually accurate response.
Please check with your health insurance to find out whether they will cover participation in Lu Jong classes.
For Lu Jong Teachers
As a Certified Teacher you can register on this Lu Jong website. A registration is required in order to have a public user profile as a Lu Jong teacher. For your registration, please click here.  When registering, please fill in all fields and click on “Send registration”. Afterwards, the Education Administration office needs to activate your user profile, which may take a few days. So, please don’t worry if you cannot see your user profile as a Lu Jong teacher right after sending your registration.
We kindly ask you to not copy any texts from our website(s). If you are a Certified Lu Jong Teacher, you will have access to the Licensed Material section through your user account on the website This section includes texts you may freely use for the promotion of your events and classes. Apart from that you may, of course, include a link to our website in your text, if you feel this will help you representing your method, intention and the lineage you are teaching in.
In order to find the Licensed Material (such as logos, pictures, handouts, …) please sign in to your user account on Under the “My Account” section you will find a menu on the left side designated to Lu Jong Teachers, where you can find all licensed material available for Teachers. You can only access the Licensed Material for the method you are certified in.
No, the Lu Jong logo is not available for Lu Jong Teachers. Please use the Certified Lu Jong Teacher logo instead as it is specifcially desigend to be used by officially authorized Lu Jong Teachers.